Dana Dubiny-Dore

Growing up in suburban New Jersey, my parents taught me to appreciate antiques and the value behind learning new skills. They taught me how to paint and wallpaper, how to rearrange the furniture a thousand times until it felt right, how to plan and plant a garden, how to use power tools, and even how to take on minor plumbing and electrical tasks.

All of those skills took me many places in life and led me on a path to study art and design in college. For 12 years I worked in retail display - wielding paintbrushes, drills, and hot glue guns daily and using my "eye" to make decisions. 

Now I spend most of my time decorating and updating my 6 year old, builder-grade home with my husband by my side (or making fantastic meals in the kitchen) and my little girls dancing around my feet. I take on as many projects as I can on my own, and I am not afraid to learn a new skill.

Follow along with me on Instagram @adoredhouse to see what I am up to! 

I love collaborating and being a resource for home & garden questions - never hesitate to reach out to me at danadubinydore@gmail.com!