One Room Challenge : Spring 2019 / Week 5

Let’s Get Organized!

This week I focused on my true purpose behind re-doing this room for the One Room Challenge - getting organized! Here’s how…

I found these really great baskets at Target that fit the shelves PERFECTLY! I purchased two, so each of my daughters will have one to stash their stuff. I love the texture and warmth that they bring to the space.


The major need for organization in the space was craft paper and coloring books, so I came up with the idea of transforming a basket I had into a hanging file box. I simply screwed two small square dowels into the sides of the basket and hung file folders! Now the drawing paper, construction paper, and coloring books can all stay neatly sorted.


To keep us organized I invested in a new dry-erase calendar… find it here.


Lastly, the drawing supplies needed organization, so I found these great galvanized bins at hobby lobby! They are great for all of the crayons, pencils, etc! I wanted to add a little color to the little one, so I spray painted it with an olive spray paint.

That’s it for this week! Be sure to check out what the other guest participants are up to here.