First Post: a little background on the blog

Welcome to my blog, Adored House! 

I have always wanted to have my own blog. In fact, I started one 6 years ago and I only created 3 posts before I gave up. I spent so much time perfecting the design and planning out my content, but I didn't like how working on the blog ate into my time to actually create and work on my house. 

This time around I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't over-design the blog itself, that I would let the content speak for itself. So, for now my blog design is clean, simple, and no-fuss! Also, 6 years ago I was a newly-wed, without kids, and I had a ton of free time on my hands! Now I have two little girls under 5 and I work full-time - time is precious! I also feel like balancing motherhood and working full-time has made me a master at time management - if I want to accomplish something, I find a way to make the time to do it. I want to do this blog, so I will make the time to do it. 

Working on my home and in my gardens brings me so much joy! I will write about it in a post to come, but this house had very little personality when we moved into it. Building that personality and character into this house has been and continues to be a thrilling journey, and I am so excited to document and share the processes here on this blog!

In addition to the handy-lady projects I take on, I also love antiquing, shopping for home decor, and decorating. I would describe my style as "coastal/boho/farmhouse" because I love the colors and textures of coastal decor married with boho prints and a clean farmhouse sensibility. Elements of the outdoors also strongly influence my decorating decisions - I am drawn to botanical prints, images of trees, flowers, birds, and butterflies, and I do not think a room feels complete without a houseplant (or two). 

Gardening is also a huge passion of mine. My parents gave me a small plot of land when I was kid to plant-out however I wished. From then on, I have loved to get my hands dirty growing flowers and vegetables. You will see plenty of flowers on my Instagram feed - I love having fresh cut flowers in my home, and I love them even more when they are straight from my yard.


Besides showing off my home & garden and writing about the many projects I have underway, I also plan on sharing my love of food, dining, wine, and cocktails from time to time. I married a chef, and it would be a sin not to show off of his culinary skills! While my husband is not the handiest guy, he expresses his creativity in the kitchen and in the yard. He comes from a line of flower farmers, and he loves landscaping and gardening as much as I do.

In the midst of house projects, digging up the yard, and making a mess of the kitchen, I have two little girls constantly buzzing around at my feet. My daughters are 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 and they keep me very busy! Yes, they have made it more difficult to get things done around the house, but they are a big part of what motivates me to stay busy. I want to teach them how they can make their dream house a reality with their own two hands and the value behind doing-it-yourself.

I hope you enjoy what you read and see from my blog and my Instagram content. Thanks for reading!