The Upstairs Hallway : The Finishing Touch... Door Hardware

As I was wrapping up the wallpaper install in the upstairs hallway and seeing how far the space had come, I could not help but notice how much more the tacky, brass, builders grade door knobs were standing out - and not in a good way. The wallpaper, board and batten, and crown moulding all made the space look so elevated and the door hardware looked cheaper than ever.


At first I tried spray painting the door knobs matte black - a quick and inexpensive fix, but still the style of them did not fit everything I had worked so hard to accomplish in the space. I decided to look around for other options, and that’s when I found the most beautiful selection of door hardware from Grandeur Hardware. I immediately fell in love with the Carre Short Plate style with the Hyde Park porcelain knob. The timeless bronze finish is the perfect dark contrast against my glossy white doors, and I love the contrast between the back plate and the white porcelain knob too! These knobs could not fit my personal style any better.


I initially thought about swapping out the builders grade doors for something more special too, but once I saw the Grandeur Hardware knobs on the doors I changed my mind. The hardware elevated the look of the cheap doors so much that I did not find that necessary anymore. I was pleasantly surprised with how much better the doors looked with their updated hardware, and with how much money I saved by not buying new doors.

The installation of the new knobs could not have been any easier too.

The only tools that I needed were:

  • a screw driver

  • a utility knife (to cut away any excess wood from the door frame)

  • a level (just to check that the backplates were straight)

I installed most of them while my daughters were getting ready for bed - that sliver of time I have between bath time and bedtime. They both got so excited for the new “princess knobs” (as they called them) for their bedroom doors that they actually flipped a coin to see who got to have theirs installed first. (Emme won)


Adding new door hardware can certainly be a big investment, but with a timeless style and Grandeur Hardware’s lifetime guarantee, I know these beautiful knobs will add style and charm to our home for many years to come.


One way that I did save money is by opting to spray paint our existing door hinges to match the new knobs. I carefully removed each hinge, separated the pieces, sanded them down with a fine grit steel wool, wiped them clean, and then applied multiple light coats of spray paint. This process was a little bit tedious, but in the end it saved me at least $100 by not buying matching hinges.


I can’t believe that I am actually DONE with the hallway now! This has by far been my most dragged out house project ever, but I am so happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for reading!